The Heroines

Peggy Jones Ebaugh

is honored with a Brick from Camille Kluge.

 Peggy Jones Ebaugh Our mother, Peggy Jones Ebaugh, is a woman of courage who may be loved most for her energy and fun-loving sparkle. Mother married Max Ebaugh in McPherson, Kansas in 1942 the day after she turned 21. That young couple boarded the train to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and the unknown future of World War II with Dad in the Army Air Corps. The first of Mom's three children was born there, with transportation to the hospital provided with gas coupons and a neighbor's car "at the ready. "

A woman of the 90s in the 50s, Mother was co-owner of small businesses with Dad for more than 30 years. She put us to work early, both at home and at the store. We grew up assuming we were equal to any task in the workplace. We watched Mother conduct business: treat people fairly and honestly; ask for what you need; don't accept poor performance; stay within your budget.

Mother has lifelong friends and continues to make new friends of all ages. She reaches out to women in friendship and through support groups. She shares her personal collections and experiences to more formal groups. The goodness and richness of Mother's life can be found in its extremes: as a missionary in Haiti or as the one who can "shop till you drop."

So, to this woman who has held us to an ideal to accept only the best from yourself, Mother, you are honored in the Plaza of Heroines with love from your daughters.

Submitted by Marsha Ebaugh and Camille Ebaugh Kluge

July 22, 1998