The Heroines

Mother Teresa

is honored with a Premium Paver from Gerrie deBakker, Steve and Missy Cohlmia, Diana Fredelake, Doug and Carolyn Moshier, Jeff and Helen Hund, Mary Ann Lickteig, Mike and Sammie Dart, Paul and Mary Ann Skolaut, Charlotte Hays, Dale and Alice Wiggins, Mike and Therese Wescott, Sue Schlapp, Todd and Vicki Tiahrt, Matt Schlapp, Clem and Katie Suellentrop, Don and Mary Kay Boleski, John and Mary Mertes, Norman and Linda Arensdorf, Tom and Marianne Orr, Dr. Ron and Teresa Erken, Dave and Karen Hanna, Tom and Nan Lahey, Pam Porvaznik, Robert Noland, Andy and Jane Schlapp, Jeff Kahrs, Joe and Connie Voss, Dick and Eileen Zeitler, and Wayne and Luella Linnebur.

Personal History is not available at this time.