The Heroines

Nell Grim

is honored with a Brick from Alta E. Brock.

In Honor and Memory of Nell Grim

Nell Grim was one of those exceptional older women who loved children and had a marvelous way of relating to them. She had never had children of her own but she became a surrogate grandmother to our two sons and one daughter. She was our wonderful baby-sitter for all the years we needed one and we could never have wished for anyone more capable, more trustworthy, more honorable, more warm and loving. She always came when we needed her and our children looked forward to her time with them. She played games with them, fixed special food for them, allowed them to be who there were, and never seemed to need to seriously discipline them. As parents we felt blessed to have found such an outstanding woman with whom to entrust the care of our children. We were able to leave the house confident of their safety and happiness during our absence. The children have grown to become well adjusted, successful human beings and I attribute some of that to the presence of our adored "Mrs. Grim." She will always be a heroine in the eyes of our family.

April 22, 1999