The Heroines

Connie Hamilton

is honored with a Brick from Aaron, Amy, Anna and Tony Hamilton.

Many of us know of someone we consider to be an unsung hero. People who go out of their ways to help others, not ever expecting anything in return. People who make sacrifices without giving them a second thought. Our mother, Connie Hamilton, is one of these people.

Mom lost her parents at a young age. She was forced to learn how to deal with life and its many trials on her own. With few relatives to rely on, she struggled through those years and made herself into a strong woman who never forgot what it meant not to reach a goal.

After a few years, she met our dad. They got married and started our family. Mom firmly believed in helping others so she was always involved in our church and community. She started the St. Leo Fun Day to help raise money for the local school and church. She started and helped organize a local auction to raise money to help fight Muscular Dystrophy for ten years. Mom also was the Parent's Club chairman for one of the fraternities on WSU's campus.

She did all of these things while raising four kids, working full-time, struggling to make ends meet and fighting fibromyalgia. Not once during all of these years has she ever let anything stop her. She never loses sight of her ultimate goal, whatever it may be at the time. She also has never asked for thanks or congratulations for her accomplishments.

Few people think about the hundreds of students who have benefited from a school that almost closed. Not very often do people speak of the thousands of dollars that she helped raise to fight one of the most devastating groups of diseases on earth. Rarely do the young men who learned etiquette from her think of where they learned their lessons. When these things are spoken of though, it is with great love and respect for the woman who has left her mark on the world.

Seldom do we hear the stories of unsung heroes and when we do, we acknowledge their accomplishments, then move on. The thoughts are fleeting. We felt that her place in the Plaza of Heroines will be a lasting tribute and constant reminder of what a wonderful role model she has been to so many. We love you mom.

Submitted with love by Aaron, Amy, Anna and Tony Hamilton

April 21, 1999