The Heroines

Mira Pajes Merriman

is honored with a Brick from the Northern Renaissance Art History class.

As students auditing Dr. Merriman's Northern Renaissance art history class during her final semester at Wichita State University, we appreciate this unique way of expressing a lasting thanks to her and to the university.

"With the light of the scholar and the warmth of the woman, Mira Pajes Merriman illuminates both the past and the present for those around her, and we are very fortunate to be in her presence."
From Javonnie L.. Maak

"Dr. Merriman's excellent art history lectures have opened up new horizons for us. We thank her for enriching our lives with a new understanding and appreciation of art."
From Ken and LaVera Leopard

"My only regret is that I didn't discover her years ago. As it is, I give thanks that I am present each day. A whole world is opened."
From Lois Pitman

"Mira, you have touched so many lives; I'm grateful one was mine."
From Lee Agee

"Dr. Merriman: Your retirement will be an exciting new chapter in your life. The art history knowledge you've given me has broadened my life! Thanks."
From Nona Ponder

"Dr. Merriman is a master teacher. She loves her subject matter and awakens in her students the desire to know more."
From Carol Skaggs

"Dr. Merriman's classes have enriched our lives. Her lectures based on her years of travel, study, and research are pure gems of wisdom.
From Norma and Marshall Williams

"She takes us on an incredible journey to Renaissance Italy and makes art history come alive."
From Wanda Sanborn

"My thanks to Dr. Merriman for a continuous dramatic educational experience."
From Keith Sanborn

"Being a student in her class has been an extremely gratifying experience for me. I thank her so much for sharing her vast knowledge."
From Betty Neugebauer

"Thoreau said it best when speaking of the 'width and depth of life.' And you, Mira, have enlarged my life. Thank you."
From Joyce Maeder

"Dr. Merriman's scholarly insights and lively method of presentation made each of her lectures fascinating. She's whetted my appetite for studying art history ."
From Peg Vines

Other contributors include Joean Calhoun, Charlene Parks, Marty Wittenbach, Margery Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brosius

July 22, 1998