The Heroines

Eunice Rose Sager

is honored with a Medium Paver from Joan Fromm and children, Jill Poynter, Arthur Fromm, Jr., Tim Fromm and Mary Lynn Oliver and children, Jennifer Pitt, and Jeffrey Pitt.

 Eunice Rose Sager
Eunice Ross Sager: "Teacher Extraordinaire"
(pictured back row, third from left)

If every child were fortunate enough to have a first grade teacher like Mrs. Sager, every student would have the advantage of a great start of a successful school experience. As she says herself, "The first grade is the most important in school because reading is the key that unlocks everything else." Good reading skills help to ensure a child's success in school and can provide great enjoyment throughout life. Mrs. Sager takes great pride in knowing that she has taught dozens of first graders to read during her tenure with the Wichita Public Schools, 27 years of which were at Minneha Elementary School.

Mrs. Sager is described by us as "Teacher Extraordinaire" because she possesses all those qualities that make a good teacher a positive influence in the lives of her young students. As Joan Fromm observed, "Mrs. Sager was such a great teacher because she could be firm, yet warm. The children knew they were loved but also that she had high expectations for them." Because of her exceptional teaching skills honed by 40 years of experience, she gave her students two of education's most valuable gift. The first gift was a good foundation in early reading skills, always her highest priority. The second, but equally important gift, she gave to her students was the sincere interest of a caring adult. She continues to take an interest in their lives long after they leave her classroom and is always interested in their activities throughout their lives.

Eunice was born in Oklahoma and received her early education there. She attended Northeastern State and Benedictine Heights College. After earning her BA degree, she taught for 10 years in Oklahoma before moving to Wichita in 1952 when her husband, Burdett, accepted a position as the Chief of Protective Section at the VA Center and Hospital. To add to her skill in teaching, she earned her Masters Degree at Wichita University, so she is also an alumna of what is now known as WSU.

Attesting to her belief in the value of education, each of her children have attained their own college degrees. Bill earned a BA degree in Journalism at WSU, Elizabeth and Rose Mary, following their mother's footsteps, both earned BA degrees in Elementary Education, and Martha Ann earned a Ph.D. in Oceanography.

Now Mrs. Sager has retired from teaching formally in the Wichita schools, and is the proud grandmother of Daniel, Caitlin, Dwight, Angela, Ben, Meredith, Shayla, Betsy and Jennie, and great-grandmother of Chelsea and Claire.

When she learned she was to be honored in a place of learning she was filled with great pride and felt in some way it was also an honor to her own mother who died at an early age and never was able to see Eunice's special skills and unique teaching qualities. When she heard of the plans to include her in the Plaza of Heroines she said this honor is just "the icing on the cake of my life."

Given by Joan Fromm and children, Jill Poynter, Arthur Fromm, Jr. and Tim Fromm; and Mary Lynn Oliver and children, Jennifer Pitt and Jeffrey Pitt.

July 21, 1999