The Heroines

Florence Wright Young

is honored with a Brick from Nancy and Larry Deaton Nancy and David Young Bill and Georgianne Young

 Florence Wright Young
Florence Wright Young, daughter of Sydney and Stella Wright, has been involved with Wichita State University for many years. Her father, affectionately known as "Pops," began teaching at the Municipal University of Wichita on February 1, 1928. Growing up just a block from the campus, the University has always played an important role in the life of Florence Young. During her time at the University, she was an active member of Delta Omega, serving as President her senior year.

Upon graduation from the Municipal University of Wichita in 1934, Florence taught high school English in Elkhart, Kansas. She met her husband, Francis M. Young, in this western Kansas community. The dust of the "dust bowl" years finally got to the ever-tidy Florence and she and Francis returned to her Wichita neighborhood.

Florence is the mother of four children -- Bill, Nancy, John, and David; grandmother of 11; and great-grandmother of 8. All of her children attended Wichita State University, and two children and two grandchildren completed their degrees there.

Florence carried on her father's academic interests in Wichita as an elementary teacher. She taught in the Wichita school system for over 21 years. Her dedication and commitment influenced hundreds of children who learned pride, responsibility, caring, and honesty, as well as science, arithmetic, reading, grammar, history, and geography in her classroom.

Florence enjoys flowers (she has a very green thumb), books, crossword puzzles, traveling, and most of all, family. She is an active member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood and has been affiliated with Chapter CX, Wichita, for over 60 years.

Florence is important to many people. Her children love and admire her as a devoted and caring mother. Her grandchildren cherish her as a wise, affectionate grandmother and a very fine lady. Her many friends appreciate her kindness and attention. Her former students, now with their own children and sometimes grandchildren, remember her quiet discipline and firm commitment to learning.

Florence Wright Young is truly a "hero" to many.

Donated in honor of Florence Wright Young by her children: Bill and Georgianna Young, Nancy (Young) and Larry Deaton, John Young and David and Nancy Young.

July 21, 1999