The Heroines

Gladys Fox Clayton

is honored with a Brick from Sandra Clayton Pinaire.

If there is a classic "mom," I see that image in my mother, Gladys Fox Clayton, my heroine. She has inspired me with her Christian faith, her joy of homemaking and her steadfastness in her marriage.

My earliest memories of Gladys are as a faithful Christian. She lived her faith. When Jesus teaches us to "Go and do likewise," Gladys is an example of that faith. I recall numerous times when Gladys helped a family in crisis. Many a family saw Jesus as a woman ready to clean house or to cook a warm meal for them. Her actions spoke louder than any preaching from the Bible.

I am thankful that today we have done away with the term "housewife" and replaced it with "homemaker." In my mother I see the definition of "homemaker." She takes great pleasure in making each room sing with warmth and joy. Sparkling white, clean linens, warm-cooking aromas, sunlight touching every corner of every room. In another time she might have been a proprietor of a successful bed and breakfast. But for now, my four sisters and I frequently go to "Mom's B&B" for rest and recharging.

Finally, I see a woman who was steadfast in her marriage of 40+ years. My father struggled with mental illness. A generation ago we did not know of, much less speak of, such things. Unfortunately, he died two years ago. Only now can we begin to make some sense of the wall that stood between dad and us. But Gladys set an example for her daughters. Marriage was truly for better, for worse, in sickness and in health. In today's climate of self-fulfillment at any cost, it has been an inspiration to live in the presence of a steadfast wife and mother.