The Heroines

Lila Katz

is honored with a Brick from Rose Marcus

 Lila  Katz
Rochelle Lila Shusterman was born July 5, 1940 in Wichita Falls, Texas. When she was six years old, she moved to Dallas, where she still lives. Lila married Leonard Katz in 1963, and from that union, four beautiful daughters were born. Lila was a devoted mother to Sheila Yvonne, Paula Gay, Hilary Lynne, and Brenda Renee.

She was extremely active in her daughters' schools and in the Girl Scouts of America, where she served as a leader and directed the Girl Scout Day Camp for many years. After ten years if marriage, her husband became physically disabled and she became the primary family breadwinner and caregiver for her family. She worked in a retail jewelry store where she became head of several departments. After their divorce, and Leonard's death in 1983, Lila balanced her increasingly demanding parental and managerial responsibilities.

Lila was recently named Employee of the Month from a field of over 2000 employees in the computer company where she now works. After selling the home she maintained for her family for more than 35 years, Lila has moved to a smaller condo in Dallas. Lila is a proud mother, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild in October, 1999, when Sheila and her husband, Mark Cohen, become parents.

Sheila, a CPA, and Mark live in Atlanta, Georgia. Lila's daughter Paula also lives in Atlanta, where she is employed as an orthotist/prothetist. Hillary is continuing her education while employed as a massage therapist and waitress in Dallas. Her youngest daughter, Brenda, and her husband, Jeff Cohen, both podiatrists, live in Austin Texas, where they recently opened their own office, Precision Podiatry, in Round Rock, Texas.

Lila Katz is a very accomplished woman and a wonderful mother. She is honored by her younger sister, Rose Marks Marcus, a long-time resident of Wichita, with a brick etched with her name in the Plaza of Heroines at Wichita State University. Lila truly is a heroine, having overcome with dignity and aplomb many of life's obstacles. She inspires her family and those who know her.

October 1, 1999