The Heroines

Janet Noel Fast Johnson

is honored with a Brick from Phyllis Fast.

WSU '67

Growing up, Jan and I were close in age and as I reflect back over the passing years, I've begun to realize the many ways she helped me transcend the numerous tragedies, challenges, and struggles our family faced during some turbulent times. She took the high standards and ideals regarding education and contributions to others that our father demanded of us very seriously, never scoffing at what he expected from us, but dutifully trying her best to fulfill those expectations.

Unwittingly, her efforts provided me with a buffer from my father's high expectations and provided me with a role model she herself did not have until our mom Ruby married into the family. At church, Jan sought out Christian role models who valued education and were devoted to their children as her parents were.

Ignoring many obstacles, Jan set a good example by using her various talents and determination to graduate from high school (with honors), work her way through college (graduating Cum Laude), marry, and sacrifice (with her husband) to enrich their two children's lives through Christian education. That in itself is quite a feat, but Jan did it with few family role models [unfortunately our mother, two grandmothers, and an older sister were mentally disabled and spent most of their lives in care facilities]. Her loyalty and compassion for her family was always there if needed, even though not enough appreciation was shown to her at the time.

Jan will be embarrassed by this honor because that is the type of person she is--private, unassuming and unselfish. Her reward has been and continues to be the success of her children as individuals who are making contributions to society through Christian service. Jan not only was a positive role model for me, but an unsung heroine to the family as well. It gives me great pleasure to be able to honor her in the Plaza of Heroines.

Submitted with love by her sister, Phyllis Fast

July 16, 1998 (for Janel Noel Fast Johnson)