The Heroines

Julia Cooney

is honored with a Brick from Phillis Jean Hetherington Schumaker

 Julia  Cooney

Born: January 12, 1868, in Peoria, IL
Died: January 21, 1959, in Wichita, KS

Julia Strickland married Henry G. Cooney in Illinois. They had three children: Harry G. Cooney, Ella Mae Cooney Hetherington and Irene Cooney Miller. Mrs. Cooney had three grandchildren.

Julia Cooney was a long-time Kansas resident, having first lived close to Oatville, returning to Illinois for a short time and then moving back permanently to Wichita in 1907. Mr. Cooney in partnership with Mr. Sinkhorn owned the Sinkhorn-Cooney grocery stores at several locations in south Wichita. Mr. Cooney preceded her in death in 1945.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Cooney were very active in Grace Methodist Church. Mr. Cooney held several offices in the church as well as in the Men's Sunday school class. Mrs. Cooney was a member of the KTP class and both the Foreign and Home Missionary Societies. They both were always ready to volunteer to do anything that needed to be done in the church.

Julia Cooney never worked outside the home. Her family was most important to her. She was never too busy to help either her family or one of her many friends when there was a need. She didn't wait to be asked to help, but gave of herself with grace and love.

I am her granddaughter and lived only two doors from her while growing up. I had a twin brother who was ill all his life and passed away when we were 14. Much of my Mother's time was spent caring for my brother. My Grandmother was always there for me. She was never too busy to play with me, answer my questions, or share her wisdom. She and my Grandfather made me feel special, important and loved. She was patient and loving. She has guided me through my life. Her love of God, of simple pleasures and beauty, and her kindness and concern for others are her examples which I have tried to follow. She lived her life as a true Christian lady in every sense of the word. I believe her life is exemplified in Proverbs, chapter 31,verses 10 through 31, but particularly in verses 29 and 30:

"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

I loved my Grandmother very much. She truly earned her right to be honored in the Plaza of Heroines.

Submitted by Phillis Jean Hetherington Schumaker