The Heroines

Jessica Seiber

is honored with a Brick from Denny Seiber

 Jessica  Seiber

I honored Jessica with a brick in the Plaza of Heroines at Wichita State because she is a heroine to me. This brick was a wedding gift given to celebrate our marriage on December 11, 1999.

Jessica is a woman of great faith and loyalty. She has always had a loving, giving, caring heart that warms the soul of all those that she befriends. Jessica has touched the lives of many women here at WSU and her impact will be felt throughout eternity. Jess was a founding member of the Shockwave student organization, she was an honor roll student and she worked for the LAS department while attending college.

I love Jessica so much, as does all of her friends. Her smile is enchanting, her laughter lightens up any room and her calming voice will endear anyone listening. Jessica is an awesome wife; she loves and serves in ways that a man could only dream about. She has treated me with more love and kindness than anyone I have ever known. She always strives to make me feel loved, important and needed. Jessica is a special woman.

The main reason why I love her so much is that she loves God above me and everyone else. Jessica has a close relationship with God and she has allowed it to impact her life and others. She is a woman of humility, selflessness and gratitude. We oversee our teen ministry at the Wichita Church of Christ, and Jessica leads the way in caring for and loving all of the kids. She amazes so many by her spirit and love.

Jessica Ann Seiber is a heroine to many and may this brick stand throughout the ages to tell a story of an incredible woman who lived her life to love God and others.

September 3, 2000