The Heroines

Aruna Sud

is honored with a Brick from Avinash Sood

 Aruna  Sud

Aruna Sud, who fills the shoes of sister, daughter, mother, wife, mother-in-law, a true friend, manager, leader, listener, counselor, advisor, judge, communicator, translator, mediator, inventor and achiever. She has the art of bringing individuals and people together and solving a difficult situation while maintaining everyone's integrity and dignity. She struggled to integrate Old World traditions with customs in a new land. Born in India, educated in native language Hindi, she worked very hard and now owns and operates a very successful gasoline and hair business.

Aruna has a deep concern for her parents and genuine concerned for older folks. She has steadfastly worked and fought for them to get better medical care. She gives special preference to older folks at her gas stations and hair saloons. I truly believe that if there were more people in the world like Aruna, most of the world's older folks will be lot more satisfied and live happier life. I appreciate her concern for all senior citizens.

Aruna has been a role model to me and every member of my family. She is wise beyond her years. She is warm, loving, gracious, fun and full of joy. I am proud to honor a true heroine in the Plaza of Heroines, and most of all I am proud and lucky I was born as her younger brother.

Honored by her brother, Avinash Sood