The Heroines

Joan Hubbard

is honored with a Brick from Business Team Managers at Bank Of America

Humble Beginnings

Tell Joan Hubbard that you can't achieve your goals in life and she'll tell you that you can... but only if you choose to. Success, she believes, is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing to work for it. Joan is not a stranger to hard work.

Born one of seven children and raised on a farm just south of Oakley, Kansas, young Joan became accustomed to pulling her share of the workload. Rising at 5:00 a.m. to milk the cows wasn't always a chore she relished, but she, like her siblings, knew that the work had to be done.

Electricity was a luxury Joan would not enjoy until she entered junior high school, yet it would not deter the avid young reader from retiring to the dimly lit bedroom that she shared with her three sisters and absorbing herself in a good book. The joy of learning is still with her today.

After graduating from high school, Joan took a job as a teller at the Oakley Bank. This position, yet another humble beginning, would be the start of a successful banking career.

After having worked at virtually every position with Oakley Bank, Joan sought a more challenging career with Bank IV in Wichita. At one point, all banking center management reported to her. She was later promoted to the bank's holding company, the company in charge of the Fourth Financial Group. Overseeing deposit functions for three states and the conversions of the new banks acquired by Bank IV were other responsibilities that she undertook. In 1997, Joan joined the Wichita Call Center as a Unit Manager.

Her husband Gary and daughter Jackie accept her for the dedicated workaholic that she is. They know that Joan just won't accept a half-done job. It just isn't good enough!

So, who is the one person Joan would like to meet? Tiger Woods. In many ways, they're very much alike. Both have overcome incredible odds to become the best at what they do. Both are still soaring to new heights.

Joan Hubbard, someone you should know!

"She never gives up on anyone. She always projects confidence and goes the extra mile for her customers and her company." Linda Dvorak

"Joan is a role model not just for women but for all leaders. She helps people to realize their potential, and does not give up on anyone. Through her own example she challenges those who work for her to do their best at what they do. She is always willing to share her knowledge in order to increase the knowledge of others. She truly epitomizes the meaning of the word 'leader.'" Angel Tamerius

"Joan has impacted my life because she gave me a chance to be in the position that I wanted to be in. Joan has always recognized my hard work and has been more than willing to help me succeed and meet my goals. She is available whenever I need her and is always open to everyone's thoughts and opinions. Joan always has a great attitude and shows how much she cares about her team in any way that she can." Cherisse Taylor

"I admire Joan's work ethic and dedication to her job. She has taught me a lot about business and the inner workings of banking. This improved my knowledge and made me a better manager. Joan has an open door policy and makes all that enter feel comfortable. She cares and it shows through her actions and communications. I feel very fortunate to work with Joan and very grateful for all that she has taught me." Glenda Molloy

"Joan Hubbard is a very sincere, knowledgeable professional that leads by example. She readily shares her wealth of knowledge with fellow associates. She nurtures them to become the very best they can. She has the uncanny ability to seek out the good in everyone she comes in contact with. Joan truly believes in diversity and treats all with respect, without exception. Joan is a true 'role model." Vivian Pelffer

"Joan is a person that has impacted my life in many ways. Joan is someone who is a leader, teacher and friend. She is willing to listen to and help everyone who comes to her. Joan leads by example and is always giving over 100%. Many thanks go out to her and I hope to be like her one day." Raymond Arellano

"Joan is one of the hardest working persons I've ever met. She is also one of the fairest persons I've ever met. Her intelligence, willpower and charm are a foregone conclusion, but the one thing that always astounds me is the fact that she is extremely intuitive. She always seems to know the right thing to say, or knows the right thing to do, at just the right time, for all the right reasons. For some time, she said her role model was Michael Jordan. Now that Michael has retired, her new role model is Tiger Woods. Well, she admires perfection, or someone driven in the pursuit of perfection, and that explains her choice of role models. It should come as no surprise to her that she is my role model. I am fortunate, or lucky, to have her as my manager and mentor." Mark Weber

"Joan has inspired me to find my strength. Her inner strength shines through her daily, which motivates me to be a better associate, mother, friend, manager and woman. I have never met anyone like her. I strive to be more like her every day. Joan is my Hero." Kelley Kenny

"Joan inspires me to excel in life by motivating me to improve myself both personally and professionally. Joan provides me with every opportunity to advance my career by encouraging me to continue learning and pursuing my goals. Joan cultivates my enjoyment of work by sharing her personal life experiences and refined sense of humor. Joan instills trust, respect and admiration in all that are fortunate enough to know and work with her. Plus, she's got nice legs!" Brent Janzen

"Joan is quite possibly the most amazing woman with whom I have ever had the honor of working. Her vast knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge has helped me to develop into the leader that I have become. Joan is a joy to work with. She always displays a positive attitude, and doesn't shy away from the hard truths. I hope that I am able to enjoy working with every manager I will ever have as much as I do working with Joan." Michael Foulston

Submitted By:Keiley Kenny
December 13, 2000