The Heroines

Janice Hupp

is honored with a Brick from Mary L. Gardner

 Janice  Hupp JANICE HUPP
is honored with a Brick
from friends and fellow classmates of East High School, Class of 1955, and their families:
Don and Rogena Allison, Vickie Basham and Jerry Goss, Lucinda Beyer and Curtis Headrick, Betty Britton Moats, Don and Lila Butts, Judy Cooke and John Funke, Mary Cooley Gardner, Roger Ellis, Marlene Evans Church, Sarah Few and Dale Ward, Dick Fitzgerald and Suzanne Stephenson, Sonja Hanson and Arnold Clum, Sue Johnson and Ron Buchanan, Lew and Janice Self Merriman, Ivan and Martha Pieratt

Janice Hupp is a heroine because of her personal qualities and her contributions to music in Wichita. In spite of a life long illness that should have prevented her activities, she blossomed as a violist, teacher, school administrator ..and friend. She spent 30 years with the Wichita Public Schools, played with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra for over 30 years and was manager of the Wichita Youth Symphony for 10 years.

Janice graduated from Wichita High School East in 1955. As a child and teenager, she loved classical music and dedicated her life to music. She devoted part of her retirement to golf and not surprising, became proficient and played often with a number of groups and friends. Her success and enjoyment in any aspect of her life she often said were because she knew the importance of PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE .

Her musical and professional accomplishments are numerous. She earned a bachelor's degree in music at Wichita State University in 1959 and a master's degree in music from the University of Michigan. Wichita's classical music organizations are better because Janice was there. The music programs in the city schools are better because Janice managed and promoted them.

She figured out how to live with quality and independence while having a disabling medical condition. As the oldest in a large family, she became the person whom others depended upon during the illnesses and deaths of their parents. In her own personal and uncomplicated manner, she was graceful, passionate and genuine always. She knew how to be a friend and thus had many life-long friends.

The Janice Hupp Memorial Fund has been set up for Junior and Senior year students in the Wichita Public Schools participating in the Youth Symphony Program for private lessons, instruments, summer camp, concert tickets or other enriching experiences.

Contributions to the Memorial Fund may be sent to: Wichita Symphony, Century II Conert Hall, 225 West Douglas, Wichita, Kansas 67202