The Heroines

Phyllis Crowdis Wise

is honored with a Brick from Alicia Ratliff

 Phyllis Crowdis Wise

(Pictured Here July 13th 2003 on Her 84th Birthday)

When we look for a fine heroine, we, her family does not have to look very far. Phyllis, our Mother is a unique personality and individual, always with a smile, friendly to all and a shining star in our lives.

She, with the strength of encouragement, has instilled in her family a sense of community, commitment, integrity and values. She is a very strong, determined person for the “rights of others”, a devoted Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Business Partner, and Friend in the community. With a very outgoing personal appearance, and the ability to never be without words, people are intrigued with her capacity to have them see it “her way”. A very entertaining and convincing personality, bright, shining and always visible.

Phyllis has been a concerned person for her city of Wichita, the school system, and community affairs. She served her Methodist Church UMW as President, Vice President and Chairman Head throughout the over 50 years in attendance. She was chosen “Who’s Who” of Wichita in 1980, a good citizen’s award. She is a lifetime member of the Piano Teachers League. Phyllis was married to Orville Kennedy Wise for over 50 years. Their children Kendall Wise and Alicia Ratliff sponsored their parents’ 50th Anniversary celebration in October 1992. She is a proud Grandparent of two girls, Kirsten Ratliff and Brittany Ratliff.

Phyllis Delaine Crowdis Wise was born July 13, 1919 in Reger, Missouri and raised in the rolling farmland hills of North Missouri. She received her teaching certificate from the Chillicothe Teacher’s College and taught school in the rural one room school houses in the 1930’s. In the late 1930’s she moved to Kansas City, Missouri where she worked in the Hartzfeld’s Department Store. She later went to work for TWA in Kansas City. She was selected to train on a new innovation first used by TWA which was an IBM computer. She was trained to become one of the world’s first keypunch operators. On a blind date she met and later married Orville Wise. In 1950 she and her family moved to Wichita where she has lived ever since.

Phyllis Crowdis Wise serves as a roll model to those wishing to learn and achieve.