The Heroines

Kala Ternes

is honored with a Medium Paver from Betty Alford, Tammy Allen, Anne Ambrose, Shukura Bakari-Cozart, Connie Basquez and LaVone Linck, Gina Bauer, Don and Shirley Beggs, Paul Belt, Tom Brock, Catherine Browning, Ginger Cox, Carolyn Cox Nelson, Jason and Jenni Cox, Cindy David, Kay Davis, Marilyn Dotts, Ellie Duram, Amy Easum, Mark Eby, Sally Fiscus, Mike, Phyllis, Rebecca, Nick, and Jenna Gallegos, Brenda Gile-Laflin, Margaret Haddock, Lawanda Holt-Fields, Janice Holtsclaw, Walter, Ellen and Julie Horn, Donna Jestmore, Joe Kleinsasser, Wanda Kraus-Seal, Patrick and Merle Laham, Kevin, Andrea, Josh, and Emma Leiker, Martha Lewis, Steve and Reea Linck, Marolyn Madden, Beth McCann, Dot McNicol, Dave Monesmith, Lisa Nettleton, Corinne Nilsen, Susan Ogden, JoAnn Pappas, Julie Rausch, Beth Reid, Jose, Sarah, Dominic, and Isabela Rios, Chuck Roush, Eric Sexton, Linda Short, Jane Spencer, Chila Thompson, Mark, Sarah, Craig and Alex Ternes, Lisa Van Dusen, Gayle Veltman, Pat, Joanna, Katie, Lizzie, and John Wallace, Mike and Margaret Wood and Steve Worley.

Personal History is not available at this time.