The Heroines

Mary Harren

is honored with a Medium paver from June and Phillip Allen, Gloria and W.A. Bonwell Jr. Bonwell, Willard and Ellen Ebersole, Sister Jolene Geier, OP, Linda Gebert, Barbara Gingrich, Joe R. Gingrich, Deborah Gordon, Thomas Haebig, Lois and Thomas Harder, Doris and Michael Harren, Vince Harren, James W. Haupt, M. Elizabeth and Felicia Hicks, Melanie and Charles Jenney, Pamela Kingsbury, Carol Wolfe Konek, Janet Lister, Jean and Robert Marchand, Treva and Balbir Mathur, Josephine Mohr, Nicholas and Nancy Mohr, Thomas and Leslie Page, Brigitte Roussel, Father Jerry Stein, James and Sandra Swan, Fern Merrifield Van Gieson and Diana and Richard Williams.

Personal History is not available at this time.