The Heroines

Jill Pletcher

is honored with a Brick from Your staff in 2004" -- Lori, Jeanne, Karen, Terry, Jan, Marissol, Brian, Kyle and Angela

Boss’s Day, October 16, 2004

Today we celebrate Jill Pletcher who is our “boss”, our mentor, our role model. Jill is consistent in her support of each staff member as we work with students, faculty and staff, and the community. She demonstrates tremendous patience as she listens and evaluates our ideas and dreams and visions for our office. We know she values each of us and the contributions we make to our office and the University. Jill sets high standards for us but she leads by example and we know we can count on her to be upbeat and positive every single day.

It would be difficult to find a more caring person. Jill is generous with her time to her staff, the students we serve, the University, and to the community. She not only manages the Office of Career Services and counsels students individually, she actively participates in each event hosted by Career Services. She will go anywhere, anytime, no matter the size of the audience, if it will benefit students, the University or our office. Always the encourager, she gives us inspiration throughout our workdays and as we leave our desks to go out into the community to our families and friends.

Jill’s enthusiasm for the WSU community is evidenced by the many activities she chooses. Around campus Jill participates in a myriad of activities including: Business Week, the midnight breakfast for Housing and Residence Life, engineering and business conferences, Student Ambassadors, Senior Honor Men and Women, and the Distinguished Scholars program. Through her membership and participation in leadership activities and committees for professional organizations including National Career Development Association, National Association of Colleges and Employers, Southwestern Association of Colleges and Employers, Rocky Mountain Association of Colleges and Employers Jill continues to learn and experience new methods and ideas which she brings to her staff. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a mentor in Junior Achievement, Jill is a superlative representative for WSU.

Jill is Wichita State! It’s all in a day’s work for her to guide her staff, counsel students, attend meetings, and use her creativity to design a marketing piece. In fact, it would be difficult to assess whether WSU is her home away from home or her home. When we leave for the day, Jill is usually still at her desk. We’re in awe of her caring attitude and endless energy whether she’s counseling the fifth appointment of the day, reviewing resumes non-stop, or coming to campus to present a True Colors program to a sorority on a Sunday evening.

We celebrate Boss’s Day 2004 as we celebrate our Director. It is a true privilege to work for Jill!

Lori Godderz, Jeanne Hopkins, Karen Gillenwater, Jan Mead, Terry Clevenger, Angela Rico, Brian Miller, Hannah McGrew, Kyle Ellison