The Heroines

C. Lorraine McMullen

is honored with a Brick from Soroptimist Int'l of Wichita, Inc.

 C. Lorraine  McMullen

3/30/21 – 12/11/05

   At the memorial celebration of Lorraine McMullen’s life on 12/14/05 at Hillside Christian Church, Dr. William McConnell described her. Those in attendance had to smile at the accuracy of the words he used in that description.

   He compared her to Martha in the Bible story and saw a lot of similarities in the way they both displayed the ability to be a powerful force. Lorraine never sought the limelight, avoided positions of leadership in groups, and never saw herself as the “leader of the pack.” Yet she exerted great leadership powers by being such a diligent worker. She was always quick to volunteer, lend a hand, offer encouragement, attend to details, but never take credit for the success of a project.

   She endeared herself to many friends in the groups she affiliated. She was extremely active in Soroptimist International of Wichita during her thirty five years of membership. She was an active participant in the Daughters of the Nile, as well as groups at the Hillside Christian Church.

   She was very proud of her family’s heritage in the Wichita community where she was born and lived her life. Due to some tragic events in her life (losing her mother, brother and husband within a five year period), she was forced into some activities of leadership she had not planned to face. She found herself faced with running the jewelry store that she and her husband had started as well as becoming the matriarch of her family. She became a highly respected business woman. Her minister described this as her tenacity to take the tragedy of life and excel with it.

   Lorraine was a woman of many passions. She was passionate about her love for her two children; faithful in her love of God; loyalty to her friends; committed to perfecting and sharing the fruits of her baking; and perhaps “over the edge” in her collection of rooster figurines.

   She will be missed by the many friends and business associates who admired her as a professional jeweler, business woman, and role model for other women. The lives of many other women were impacted by the way she lived her life.