The Heroines

Norma Smith

is honored with a Brick from Linda Palmer

Norma Jean Smith

Biography by Delonna Kaufman Barnett, Sister
Norma Jean (Kaufman) Smith was born January 24, 1937, in Halstead, Kansas. She was raised on a farm west of Moundridge, Kansas and spent her early years in a one room county school before attending high school in Moundridge. As a young child she had rheumatic fever, but that did not hinder her on a daily basis nor did it determine how she lived.
Raised a Mennonite, she joined the Methodist Church after her marriage to Max Smith. She was always willing to help the church in whatever manner needed. Giving of herself and her resources contributed to her everyday life.
She loved to cook and could always be depended upon when food was needed for anyone or any reason. She volunteered her time and effort, expecting nothing in return except the satisfaction of giving. Holidays were usually celebrated at her home, as she loved to entertain.
She and her husband, Max, had a special togetherness that many people don’t have. Their one child passed away at age 2, and while it was devastating to them both, it brought them closer together.
After her son’s death, Norma went on to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone in Wichita as a telephone operator and later transferred to the employment office. She was a loyal employee for over 31 years, receiving many awards for her service. Her attendance record at work, showing few sick days was, and continues to be, an example which few can match.
Norma passed away on November 25, 2006 after losing a battle with cancer. She was a caring, loving and giving person whose sense of humor was always present.

My Friend, Norma Smith
by Linda Palmer
Adding to her sisters comments, I wish to express my thoughts about my friend. Norma was one of my life’s angels. I can only think of her with joy and gratitude for all she did for me and my family. The ups and downs of my life were made easier because of her. She was the sister I never had, providing encouragement and support, humor and compassion. We shared laughter and tears, and thoughts of her will remain with me always. Two pages of memories cannot begin to describe what she did for the people around her.
Norma touched lives in a very special way. She was a person to emulate and her loss is felt by all who knew her.