The Heroines

Anne Lois Gibson

is honored with a Brick from Marcus Ballenger

Anne Gibson

During my early years, my cousin Dr. Anne Gibson was not around as much as I would have liked.  Completing college and working took president over extended visits with the family; however, she was very much a part of my life during my high school years.  Being an only child, I considered Anne the older sister that I never had and I was always amazed at what she was doing.  Anne had her pilot's licenses and skippered her own sail boat long before either were popular sports for women.  On numerous weekends she would bring a cadre of friends to the lake where we spent many hours enjoying the opportunities on the water.  Anne taught me to water ski and was very patient with me when we switched over to the slalom.   Memories of those days as well as the remembrances of many family gatherings are endearing and cherished as only such experiences can be appreciated by one who has shared them. 

Anne's professional life is one of twists and turns.  She grew up in a time when opportunities for women were limited and discouraged in a number of professions.  Her dream in high school was to become a medical doctor; however, that dream was soon dashed as she was told that "women aren't doctors" and she should not consider such a career. She then selected the field of laboratory technology.  After a successful career in this field, she became fascinated with the French language.  Anne's exploring mind and her veracious reading ability were her escape and a doorway to the world of possibilities.  She studied, on her own, applied to the University of Texas at Austin for admittance to the graduate program in French, and was accepted.  Upon completing her master's degree, she enrolled in the doctorate program and completed the PhD.  Anne retired from the University of Texas at Arlington after many successful years of teaching and Director of the Foreign Language Computer Learning Laboratory.  Retirement, however, was just another beginning.  After the classroom, Anne moved into another career of writing screen plays, directing and producing movies, and writing and recording music.  She has received numerous awards for her scripts and movies. 

My cousin is a passionate advocate for human rights as well as an advocate and supporter of several animal rights/protection programs.  She is my rock, my confidant, and is an particularly vital connection to my childhood. 

Anne is extremely important to me, a heroine, a trusted friend and a beloved family member.

Dr. Marcus Taylor Ballenger

Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction

Associate Dean Emeritus of the College of Education Wichita State University