The Heroines

Connie Landreth

is honored with a Large Paver from WSU/HR

Connie Landreth

Connie understood that to step inside a person’s confidence to help them with their benefit issues was a blessing of trust, and was one of God’s missions given to her life. After Connie graduated from Bethel College in 1984, she worked the next 27 years in Human Resources. Connie was always thankful to be able to represent the employee to the employer while working as Director of Human Resources at Halstead Hospital and later as Assistant Director of Human Resources in benefits at Wichita State University.

Connie’s coworkers at WSU/HR commented that "Connie’s time as our benefits manager showed us a lady who always saw the best in everybody; and she had such a huge knowledge of a lot of things – you could have complete confidence in her answer to any benefits question asked of her. Her smile and joy in life was always a bright spot here in the work place."

Connie was mother to a daughter, Kristin, and a son, Kenneth. She loved, with all of her passion in life, her children and four grandchildren: Weston, Jordyn, Trinity, and Jason. Connie’s favorite testimony, which she shared with everybody that would listen, was to tell how God’s hand, in direct response to Kristin’s prayer, made Jason and Trinity a part of our family.

Connie Jo was the life completer to her husband Michael for over 45 years. Connie enjoyed her morning coffee with a Sudoku puzzle, she had an incredible memory, she loved her work, she loved to call her dad on Sunday, she loved to find recipes she thought we might enjoy, and she was always excited and grateful when served one of her newly discovered recipes. Connie appreciated the hidden message included in the gift of three roses. Above all else, Connie loved her savior, Jesus. She loved to sit on the deck after work, to talk, and to enjoy God’s beauty and presence through His special gift to Kansans, a stunning sunset.

It is a special privilege that God made Connie Jo a part of my life.

Connie would be so excited and pleased to know that her friends and coworkers at WSU have chosen to honor her work and memory by telling her story through the WSU Plaza of Heroines.

Submitted by Michael L Landreth