The Heroines

Betty Hedrick

is honored with a Medium Bench from Fred, Myrna, KC and Angie.

 Betty  Hedrick She was born October 10, 1916, as Harriet Elizabeth Miller to two adoring parents and reared with strong Methodist values. Betty, as everyone called her, was a tall blonde with an inborn, artistic adeptness for fashion and design. She anticipated with glee anything that hinted of a party, as laughing, dancing, and having fun defined her favorite pastimes.

After graduating from Wichita North High School in 1933, Betty was a student at Wichita University and a member of the Sorrosis Sorority. The good times she had as a student are still spoken of with smiles and candor regarding her shortfall in mastering her classes, especially sewing! That frustration did not keep her from being thrilled with the gaiety surrounding school events and her social life.

One of the highlights of her life was September 17, 1949, when she wed Frank E. Hedrick, who was President of Beech Aircraft Corporation from 1968 to 1981. The challenges of being a corporate executive's wife were daunting at times, but never without an abundance of dedication to her duties, and pride in her husband and the considerable things he accomplished for Beech, as well as in the field of general aviation.

After Frank Hedrick's death in June of 1987, she continued with the Frank and Betty Hedrick Foundation so that the Wichita community and state of Kansas would have ongoing benefits from the Foundation's charitable contributions.

Generous and humorous will always be adjectives used to describe the amazing Betty Hedrick. Our family simply and lovingly will always call her "Grammy."

Submitted by Fred, Myrna, K.C. & Angie Clayton

July 7, 1998