The Heroines

Duana Jabara Starks

is honored with a Medium Bench from Fran Jabara.

 Duana Jabara Starks Duana Dee Jabara was born April 16, 1936, in Burden, KS, to Farris and Hannah Jabara, remarkable parents who had come from Lebanon at the ages of fifteen and sixteen. Duana spent her childhood in Burden until the family moved to Wichita in 1956. As a twin to Donna and the youngest of nine children, Duana learned early the value of family and sharing with others. Duana enjoyed school and participation in drama and sports, earning the rank of salutatorian of her high school graduating class. From 1954 through spring of 1957, Duana studies journalism at Wichita State University where she and Donna were active in Pi Kappa Psi. Duana has pursued intellectual interests throughout her life as an avid reader and advocate of higher education.

After her marriage to C.B. Starks, Duana became the proud mother of a son, C.B. III, who is a WSU. graduate and served in the U.S. Marine Corp, and two daughters, Hannah and Grace Ann. Her greatest accomplishments have been in the personal realm of life. Like her mother, Duana poured her time, energy and abundant love into creating a wonderful home for her family. In spite of enduring hardships, including illness, divorce, and the tragedy of the untimely death of her twin, Donna Jabara Baker, Duana has been the source of comfort and courage to others. She has maintained a steadfast faith in God, and a passionate concern for her family and the people of the world.

Duana Jabara Starks is our heroine because of her enormous talent and capacity for loving other people. Throughout her life, her warmth, charisma and dynamic personality have drawn many diverse individuals to her. Duana's heroism is based on her fearless ability to reach across boundaries, embrace the human condition and make people from all walks of life feel special. She is a heroine of loving, giving and relating to others, extending her rare gifts of compassion, humor and strength to her children and to those she encounters on the path of life. We celebrate Duana's heroism and thank her for illuminating many dark corners of life with her own beautiful light.

September 17, 1998