The Heroines

Mary Martha Carson Kellogg

is honored with a Brick from Mrs. Frances C. Aitchison.

 Mary Martha Carson Kellogg

Mary Martha Carson Kellogg
October 21, 1918 - August 22, 1990

Named for both her grandmothers, she was the eldest of Frank Lee and Carrie May Carson's six children. She and Robert Verne Kellogg were the extraordinary parents of nine. They allowed each of their children the freedom to choose his own path in life which they considered one of their parents greatest legacies.

Physically handicapped with polio for 45 years, Mary Martha felt particular compassion and empathy for those in pain. In so many ways she set a fine example to us all, always seeing the positive side of people and situations. She taught tolerance. If there were a different drummer in the country, she would be the first to hear it.

Mary Martha may be best remembered for her great love of literature and sensitivity to the written word. She read voraciously, to children in high chairs, outdoors under the trees, to fevered ones at home from school. She read as she stirred pudding and always had a book in hand as she waited for appointments. If she had one overriding vocation it was to find the right book for the right person at the right time.

Our heroine supported and worked in behalf of the Wichita City Library, Wichita Art Museum, Wichita State University, The Rose Society, Wichita Swim Club, The Sailing Club and The Annual Book and Art Fair.

Mary Martha Carson Kellogg lived immersed in a loving circle of family and friends.

Frances Carson Aitchison