The Heroines

Ardena Matlack

is honored with a Brick from Donald Matlack.

 Ardena  Matlack Ardena Matlack is a heroine to her family, her community, her state, and her country.

She has cared for her family. She has been married to me for 47 years, and helped me as my career advanced as a lawyer and politician, as well as in my retirement. Our five children are all productive members of society and have happy homes of their own. They have given us 11 grandchildren, three step-grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She parented her father before he died, her sister for several years in her youth, her mother-in-law for 10 years, and her mother, who is now 91, for the last five years.

She is a heroine to her community for all her involvement in the United Methodist Church, serving now as organist and bell choir director. She shares her musical talent with the youth of the church, was choir director, as well as helping with other church activities. She has been on the Clearwater Library Board. She was a leader in 4-H, Women's Study Club, Business and Professional Women's Clubs, a women's investment club, taught music to some students, and was a substitute teacher. She has been precinct committee woman for many years; she also trained and served as legal secretary for my office for several years.

Ardena's service to her state spans many areas. She was State Representative for the 93rd District for 10 years, from 1974 through 1984, serving as minority leader and chairman of the Federal and State Affairs Committee. There were only eight women in the State House when she was elected, but she was implemental in passing major legislation, including the first Hazardous Waste Bill and Unclaimed Property Bill.

She was on the Kansas Art Commission and the State Library Advisory Commission for one term, serving as chairman for two years. She has been elected a delegate and an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Ardena has served many years in numerous capacities on the executive boards of the County, District and State Federation of Women's Democratic Clubs, and helped with many campaigns. She has served on the district and conference level of United Methodist Women and Kansas West Conference of Board of Ordained Ministries, and was trained to be an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in Kansas in her church.

Ardena has been and continues to be a mentor and heroine to many people, including her husband. Her interests are many and varied. I think that it is fitting that she should have a brick in her honor to recognize her contributions to her family, community, county, and state.

Submitted by Ardena's husband, Don Matlack

July 28, 1998