The Heroines

Georgia Johnson Chandler

is honored with a Large Paver from Mr. C.Q. "Chuck" Chandler III.

 Georgia Johnson Chandler Since August of 1948, when Georgia Jeannette Johnson Chandler and I married, I have been blessed to have a wonderful wife, partner and mother of our three children - Jan Chandler Randle, Charles Quarles Chandler IV, and Robert Paul Chandler - as witnessed by the following tributes:

Georgia Jeannette Johnson Chandler is my mother, my mentor, and my heroine. As the oldest child and only daughter, I have been blessed to have such a wonderful woman as my role model. It is only in the past few years, as my own daughters have reached adulthood, that I am beginning to fully understand and appreciate what an important influence my mother has been and continues to be in my life. She has always been there supporting me through my childhood trials and tribulations, teenage romances, newlywed anxieties, and new mother hysterics. She has encouraged me in my activities and consoled me in my disappointment.

Family, friends, neighbors, and strangers, are all recipients of her concern and compassion. My mother has consistently been very willing to share herself with others. She taught me by example that others' needs were often greater than your own. She has supported her church, Senior Services, Kansas State Alumnae Association, Junior League of Wichita, P.E.O. Sisterhood and Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity with her time and talents. My mother embodies a spirit of diligence, integrity, perseverance, unpretentiousness, and caring. For all that she has done and continues to do, she is my heroine, and I love her very much.
By Jan Chandler Randle

I have been richly blessed. To have a mother like mine, who is loving, caring, nurturing, inquisitive, vivacious, adventurous, and even fun, is a wonderful gift. Throughout my life, she has always been there for me. At times she has been my conscience. On other occasions, just my friend. I could also list confidant, cheerleader, and fan. But regardless of the need, she has been willing to fulfill it. I know that many benefit from her talents and gifts every day. She is always there, reaching a hand out to those in need.

For me, it hasn't ever really seemed to matter what, when, or where. She has just made herself available. Trying to help while making me feel special all the time. Never have I seen her seek recognition for what she does. She just wants to leave wherever she is a little better than when she arrived. To live this life focused on others is really a special gift. I love my mother very much and take great pleasure in being her son.
By Charles Quarles Chandler IV

Throughout my lifetime, my mother has been a beacon of influence. As a child she taught me about compassion for others. She helped me understand the differences in people and how to always look for the best in them. She eliminated the possibility of prejudice. At the same time, as every mother should, she helped me learn right from wrong. Sometimes the hard way but never without love. Mom has always let me know how much I was loved. I can remember her sitting outside my door sewing when I was afraid of the dark. I can see her in the stands at my track meets. When I quit the piano, I can remember her asking me if would have interest in the drums. I can see her in the audience whenever I was playing nearby.

Frankly, I don't believe I would have the passion for the arts or the emotion that I feel in church, if my mother had taught me differently. Today, as a parent, I seem to remember every lesson she has taught me. I hear her saying things to me as I say them to my children. Like I did, they always know how much they are loved and cherished. My family is a living testimony, a legacy to my parents love and guidance. Luckily, I grew up with the best.
By Robert Paul Chandler

Submitted "with all our love" by Charles Quarles Chandler III

September 12, 1998