The Heroines

Judy Moody

is honored with a Brick from Kim, Andy, Tyler, Megan, Jill, Cole, Brandon, Jeff, Heather, Emily, and Jess.

 Judy  Moody Making the needs of
Others come first.
Thoroughly selfless. Inspiring
Hope in
Everyone. A
Real survivor.

Forever faithful and true.
Realizing the good
In others.
Enthusiastic and full of
Never ending energy.
Determined to make a difference.

Wonderful and witty.
Inspirational and intelligent.
Fun and free.
Ever a true companion.

How can one possibly put into words the description of a woman who embodies the ideals and characteristics of a heroine? It is a challenging task!

When we were younger out mother had a rainbow collection. At the time we considered it just a hobby. It was not until we were adults that we realized just how much our mom was like a rainbow herself. She can light up a room with her presence. She brings hope in her smile. She is colorful in her antics. She is unyielding in her beliefs, and she holds fast to her true colors.

It is for these reasons that we believe Judy Moody is a true heroine one who can conquer what others deem to be insurmountable odds and inspire hope in others while doing it. We love you, Mom, and thank you for teaching us the importance of empathy, understanding, and compassion!

September 5, 1998