The Heroines

Margery L. Turk

is honored with a Brick from Randall L. Turk and Kerri, Greg, and Lynn.

"Others before self" is a way of life for Marge. She never makes this statement. She never talks about what she does for others. She just receives great joy in seeing the joy of others.

Margery L. (Ritchey) Turk was born August 7, 1942, in Duncansville, PA. She lived and attended school in Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating from Nurses training at Indiana State University of Pennsylvania, Marge moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to practice nursing. There she met and married Randy. They have two children -- Greg, a minister, and Kerri, a school psychologist. Both children followed their mother’s creed of service to others.

Greg and Kerri valued and benefited from Marge putting her kids before a profession. Kerri put her feelings into words, "She gave up a career to be a homemaker and raise two children; she welcomed all people into our home and to our dinner table; she listened with a non-judgmental ear to numerous adolescents share their joys and troubles." Greg added, "Mom took me to the ice rink and watched me skate. She coached my Little League Baseball team when Dad was out of the country. She was always there. More importantly she was there to share."

Marge’s love and support helped her husband through careers as a fighter pilot, school teacher, principal, and professor. His stress and long hours of earning a doctorate degree did not shake her. She made it possible. "With all my weaknesses, she still loves. She even loves my dog."

Being the wife of an Air Force career officer required several moves. For Marge, leaving was difficult, making new friends was easy. Her excitement and enthusiasm for making new friends and having a new home made the moves more fun for her family. Everyone looked forward to the challenge. Marge made each place a little better.

Marge spends most days volunteering and adding joy to the lives of others. One day she volunteers at a school library; another day she visits an elderly person with limited mobility; she weeds an elderly person’s garden. Marge creates works of art and gives them away.

Marge makes a place happier. She loves to laugh. She loves to see others laugh. It seems as if her mission is to make life better for others. Maybe the greatest tribute is in Greg’s and Karen’s words, "I am very proud to call her Mom." As her husband and friend, I am proud to stand beside her.

September 18, 1998