The Heroines

Willia C. Crawford

is honored with a Brick from Idell M. Shaver.

 Willia C. Crawford It is hard to truly capture the unique and caring spirit of Willia C. Crawford. She is a loving, supportive wife, mother, and grandmother to her family. She has been an extraordinary friend to literally hundreds of persons whose life she has touched through her church, the school systems in Wichita and Kansas City, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Delta Kappa Gamma, the Links, and her bowling league where she bowls at the local and national levels.

She likes to see that "the road is made easier" for someone else and does not hesitate to invest her personal time and resources to see that it happens. There seems to be no end to her giving for others. That includes a multitude of students whom she has taught as teacher, counseled as counselor, and guided as principal through the public school system.

Willia is very capable in business, but is open to others, easy to get to know, and very pleasant to be around. Those are a few of the reasons I am happy to call her my friend as I share this poem which so embodies her spirit:


You have touched eternity.

You are the symbol of
the legacy of the past
and the inspiration for
the future.

You have seen laughter,
you have seen tears.
You have been a molder
of dreams;
you have examined reality.

Your work is not finished;
it is only beginning.

You can never be forgotten
as long as children
read and write and
breathe and sing.

Submitted by Idell M. Shaver

August 31, 1998