The Heroines

Barbara J. McCune

is honored with a Brick from Diana McCune Ingalls and Debbie McCune Ledbetter.

 Barbara J. McCune We would like to honor a woman that has our utmost respect--our mother, Barbara Jeane Rickard McCune. Her kindness, love, generosity and understanding have guided us through our lives and now guides our children. She has displayed unwavering loyalty and support to her husband, children, grandchildren, parents, brother, nieces, nephews and friends that is beyond compare.

Her other activities include volunteerism, membership in philanthropic groups and worldwide travel. As one can see she's a very special person with many talents. We are proud to call her our heroine!

Submitted by Debbie McCune Ledbetter, WSU Graduate Nursing, 1981, and Diana McCune Ingalls, WSU Graduate Dental Hygiene 1982

September 5, 1998