The Heroines

Luetta Sherman

is honored with a Brick from Denise D. Curry Sherman.

 Luetta  Sherman Luetta Sherman has quietly demonstrated through her own life an example of what a Christian woman may be. She is always extending herself to others and willing to share an uplifting message. It is with love and the utmost respect that we take this opportunity to honor Luetta Sherman.

Mrs. Sherman was born and raised in Taft, OK. She spent 40 years in the Wichita community before retiring in November, 1997 and returning to Tulsa, OK to be closer to her family. While in Wichita, she was active in her church, Saint Mark United Methodist Church, where she served in numerous positions, including Sanctuary Choir, Bible study and United Methodist Women.

Mrs. Sherman had a special interest in composing music and considers it as part of her Ministry. In addition to her church activities, Mrs. Sherman was co-founder of Midwest Barber College in the late 1960's and continued to run her own establishment, Dunbar Barber Shop, until she retired. Her spirit and spunk amazed many as she continued to service her customers through the years. Mrs. Sherman was married to the late Robert Sherman for 30 years and together they provided a home to many foster children. This was just one of the ways she shared her love with others.

Mrs. Sherman likes to spend time with her family, including her son Don, daughter-in-law Denise and granddaughter Bethany. She encourages us at all times and never lets an opportunity pass to share the goodness of the Lord. It may come in the form of a Bible verse, a story or a song. In fact, she is known for her signature song "All Night, All Day...The Angels Are Watching Over Me." She routinely blessed the congregation with this song and there isn't a time that when we here it we say, they're playing Momma's song. Upon hearing it, it makes us miss her not being here in Wichita.

Regardless of the distance, she is only a phone call away. And we would like to let her know that we love her dearly. Thank you for being there for us. With love... Denise, Don and Bethany.

Submitted by Don and Denise Sherman

September 17, 1978