The Heroines

Elenore L. Rudd

is honored with a Premium Paver from LGR Charitable Trust and Leslie Rudd.

 Elenore L. Rudd Although there have been powerful influences in my life throughout the years, it is my mother who gave me a good start. Her confidence in me has been immeasurable, and she taught me how important it is to believe in yourself and in your dreams.

Originally from Los Angeles, Mother moved to Wichita at age 19. She was part of the Levand family who owned the Wichita Beacon newspaper. She enjoyed her job as secretary to the president and publisher. In 1938 she married Samuel E. Rudd. In the late 1940's, when my sister Andrea and I were still youngsters, my parents had the opportunity to start up a business. It was not an easy decision to make; in fact, our whole future depended upon it. And in the end it was my mother who said to my father "let's do it" and so our dream became reality--but not without some bumpy roads. They persevered together and in doing so, Standard Beverage Corporation will celebrate its 50th year anniversary in 1999.

My mother is described as a "giver," a tender-hearted woman. She is a vivacious lady who tirelessly gives of herself to her family, friends, and community. Over the years when not raising a family and doing volunteer work, mother has taken a variety of interesting classes at WSU and has thoroughly enjoyed learning new things. Her role as a student has been one of the most satisfying things she has done for herself.

WSU's Plaza of Heroines project gives me a perfect opportunity to share the attributes of my mother with the rest of the community. And it gives me the chance to tell her "Mom, thanks for the good start."

Submitted by Leslie Rudd, President, Standard Beverage Corporation

September 17, 1998 (for Elenore L. Rudd)