The Heroines

Deborah A. Gordon

is honored with a Brick from WS580U Class SP '98, Gwen Day-Broom, Susan DeWees, Mary Johnson, Dawn O'Shea, and Bonnie Stack.

This is the tribute to Dr. Deborah A. Gordon from her W.S. 580U Spring 1998 class:

Those of us who have been students of Dr. Debbie Gordon know that she is a very special teacher and person. Her students are encouraged, enlightened, and uplifted. Dr. Gordon possesses an unusual and exceptional amount of knowledge and she willingly shares her knowledge with us. In this way, Dr. Gordon will always remain a part of our lives.

Dr. Debbie Gordon is a warm, intelligent, and gifted woman who cares about what her students think and genuinely cares about how well the course material is understood. She makes everyone feel as though their input is important. She frees us so that we may reach deeply within ourselves and grasp our creativity and our intuition, so we may seek knowledge everywhere. This speaks of Debbie's love of people, love of learning, and love for humanity. Her joy and enthusiasm fill the classroom and time passes, unnoticed. There have been many times when we were all so involved in dialog that an entire class time passed without anyone knowing.

All of us who have had the pleasure of her company and the joy of her knowledge, hereby pay tribute to our very beloved teacher, Dr. Debbie Gordon. She will forever be a part of us.

We - her students - for all the reasons mentioned, and many we do not have the talent to edify, want Debbie Gordon and the world to know how much she means to us. We will never forget her or those things that she has taught us.

We will take with us the best of all gifts - the knowledge gained from a master without equal. This knowledge has enlightened our minds, liberated our being, and lifted our souls. This is our tribute to our teacher, mentor, and friend, Dr. Deborah A. Gordon.

Deborah A. Gordon received her BA in American Studies from the University of California, Davis in 1978 and her Ph.D. in History of Consciousness from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1991. Her co-directors were Donna J. Haraway and James C. Clifford.

Dr. Gordon was an instructor at Stanford University for the Program in Cultures, Ideas, and Values. We are very fortunate that she came to the Center for Women's Studies at Wichita State University in 1992, where she is now an Associate Professor. Some of the courses taught by Dr. Gordon include: Women in Society: Cultural Images; Gender, Race, and Knowledge; Theories of Feminism; Interdisciplinary Approaches to Scholarship and Interdisciplinary Research Methods.

Dr. Gordon has many publications in progress and a book under contract. Her book which will be published by the University of Michigan Press' Women and Gender series is entitled "A Troubled Border: Feminism and the Literary Turn in Anthropology." Dr. Gordon and Dr. Ruth Behar were co-editors of "Women Writing Culture" which was published by the University of California Press, 1995. Dr. Gordon's articles contained within "Women Writing Culture" include "Borderwork: Feminist Ethnography and the Dissemination of Literacy" and "Conclusion, Culture Writing Women: Inscribing Feminist Anthropology." Dr. Gordon was an Academy for Teaching Effectiveness and Board of Regent's Teaching Award nominee in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Dr. Gordon has made numerous presentations. Some include invited papers at the Canadian Anthropology Society and American Ethnological Society Meeting at the University of Toronto, Ontario; the International Conference in Jerusalem, Israel; and the American Anthropological Association meetings at both San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Dr. Gordon has recently been awarded a 1998 summer research grant to do research in the Palestinian Territories.

Submitted by Gwendolyn Day-Broom, Mary Johnson, Bonnie Stack, Dawn O'Shea, and Susan DeWees, students in Dr. Deborah Gordon's spring 1998 W.S. 580U class

September 5, 1998