The Heroines

Shari Youngman

is honored with a Medium Paver from E. Sue Benish and Naomi Carpenter.

 Shari  Youngman Shari has touched us in so many ways. Her infectious humor and laugh have been great therapy for all of us. She has genuine feelings of compassion and concern towards others, especially for animals. She finds their unconditional love irresistible.

Her greatest triumph will be overcoming breast cancer. We know that when faced with her positive attitude and her will to win, the cancer has no chance. She has inspired us all with her courage.

Her greatest accomplishment will be raising her son, Daniel, to be a person whom others will love and respect. In him, they will see her legacy, guiding him to make good decisions, finding the hidden humor in adversity and caring about others. In him, they will see an appreciation of the sacrifices she has made for him. It is with great honor that I write this tribute to you. You have touched our hearts and made us better people.

Submitted by Derrick Carpenter, best friend and partner

September 11, 1998 (for Shari Youngman)