The Heroines

LaVona Spencer

is honored with a Medium Paver from A/AAFSA.

The African/African American Faculty/Staff Association is an organization that is interested in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to cultural diversity. The purpose of the organization is to promote awareness of issues and concerns of the African/African American community to assure that the African American community has the opportunity to make the fullest contribution to the mission of the university; to encourage the professional development of the African/African American faculty/staff; to educate the university community about all forms of racism, discrimination and multicultural issues; and to assist WSU in recruiting and retaining African/African American faculty, staff and students.
We have chosen to recognize three women in our campus community that exemplify the purpose of our organization. These women are Deltha Q. Colvin, Bernice Hutcherson, and LaVona Spencer.

Ms. Spencer is an Instructor and Counselor at Wichita State University. She enrolled at WSU in 1968 as a returning adult student, earned undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Sociology. She has a Masters of Education in Student personnel and Guidance from Wichita State University.

For the past 28 years, Spencer has worked with Special Populations, i.e. at risk-students, returning adult students, immigrants, and many more. She has a passion for teaching and working with students. Spencer is dedicated to making success a reality for her students. She currently teaches Career Development classes and an English conversation class for non-native speakers.

The A/AAFS/A recognizes these three women and their efforts to promote education to those that are less fortunate. They exemplify true Heroines.

(See also Deltha Q. Colvin and Bernice Hutcherson)

September 11, 1998