The Heroines

Reba Shank

is honored with a Medium Paver from Sally Shank Luallen.

 Reba  Shank B.A. in Education, Wichita State University, 1955
M.A. in Educational Psychology, Colorado State College, 1959

Born in Liberal, KS, Reba Shank is one of the world's truly beautiful people. She is kind, hard-working, and absolutely dedicated to her husband Wendell Scott Smotherman, a 1955 education graduate of Wichita University; her children Jennifer, Kirby, and Brent; her family and extended family. Her special gift to family is loyalty and always "being there" with a smile and unselfish support.

Reba, a WSU Alpha Chi Omega sister, and her long list of accomplishments, which included so many worthwhile organizations and projects, are eclipsed by the thousands of lives she has changed and improved by her teaching. As an elementary school teacher for years, the ripples of her example, work and goodness will extend far beyond our times.

She continues to "make a difference." She travels constantly to AAUW meetings all over the state and other organizations in whose goals she believes. She teachers arthritis swimming lessons, but not one honor is more important to Reba than those moments in the eyes of children she has taught that say "I get it" and "Thank you."

Submitted by Sally Shank Luallen

September 18, 1998