The Heroines

Katie E. Spain

is honored with a Brick from Mike and Becky Richardson.

My mother never wrote a novel, ran a business, directed a picture, or any of the many other outstanding things that many other mothers may do or have done. What my mother has done her whole life is to provide an unconditional and loving acceptance to her family. This included her mother who was widowed early in life and who was brought into our home for the remainder of her lifetime.

My mother loved my father in a way that made all our lives richer. My father was an invalid for many years before he was called away at too young an age, but my mother's love for him never wavered through all the trying times then, and has never wavered since his passing.

Her first and last thought of every day is of her family. She has brought this exemplary standard of love to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, her son-in-law, and all the other added "grandchildren" by marriage. In my life, I have tried to follow her example. I only hope that I can pass her legacy of love on to my family.

My mother is my heroine for being the epitome of what a loving wife and mother should be. I feel there is no greater achievement in life.

Submitted by Becky Richardson, her daughter

August 31, 1998 (for Katie Spain)