The Heroines

Beverly A. Rhatigan

is honored with a Brick from James Rhatigan.

 Beverly A. Rhatigan We enjoy moments of high celebration but the true substance of life is found in our ordinary days. My life has been blessed by Beverly Rhatigan, my wife of 34 years. She has been a faithful partner and friend through all of our days together and in their accumulation rests the mystery of deepening love.

Beverly is a graduate of the University of Iowa and enjoyed a successful career as a principal technician for one of medicine's pioneers in the field of electroencepholography. Eventually, she elected to spend her days as a full-time homemaker.

We should appreciate the encompassing importance of home. For our daughter, Becky, and for me, home has been a place where faith and hope mingle with all of the emotions of life. It has been a place to go to for comfort and to go from in confidence.

I am so happy that the Plaza of Heroines project provides an opportunity to reflect on women of importance to us.

Submitted by James J. Rhatigan

July 28, 1998