The Heroines

Alice Jamus Toubia

is honored with a Medium Paver from Joumana, Randa, and Gracia Toubia

To our Mother,

She was a lady, a bright and classy lady. An artist who perfected every task undertaken. A dreamer who thrived to want it all but was also happy with so little.

A lover of the universe and its simplest forms. A dream analyzer, a believer in higher spirits, in karma, in superstition.

She would enter your dreams and make them alive. Her spirit would call you across the oceans.

The first Olive Tree Bistro stated in her memory: "We dedicate this menu to a gracious lady, whose commitment to family values, friendship and good food inspired us to carry on her tradition. We hope this menu, in some measure, captures her balanced flavors, generosity and the spirit of her legacy which lives in our hearts and minds. For Alice, Our Mother."

May wood, stones, bones, bricks and all nature's eternal remains always speak to us of our loved ones.

Submitted by Naji, Gracia, Randa, Joumana Toubia

September 16, 1998 (for Alice Jamus Toubia)