The Heroines

Dorothy A. McConnell

is honored with a Brick from Marilynn Ely and James F. McConnell.

 Dorothy A. McConnell

Dorothy McConnell is truly a heroine of Wichita State University. Although she didn't attend WSU as a student, she spent 25 plus years there in various positions.

Dorothy started work at WSU in 1967 as a child care worker for the WSU Dames. Later, at the invitation of Serena Wichert, Dorothy was selected to work at the Candy Counter at the CAC. This started her career at WSU. For the next 25 years, she worked diligently and always had a smile or a kind word for students and faculty alike. Dorothy also helped with banquets and was a cashier in the faculty dining room. She retired as manager of the Candy Counter in 1992 with a wonderful retirement party in the CAC with approximately 200 friends and family attending.

Nowadays, Dorothy works part-time at the WSU Ticket Office. She loves WSU! She has had season basketball tickets for many years and goes to all of the home games. Occasionally she even ventures out on the bus to away games. Dorothy still keeps in contact with many of the international students who worked for her at the Candy Counter, some who now live in foreign countries.

A heroine of WSU is another name for Dorothy McConnell!

August 7, 2000