The Heroines

Sandy Rupp

is honored with a Medium Paver from Paul, Lara and Hannah Rupp, Seth and Megan Rupp, Holly Rupp Flanagan and Mark Flanagan, Terry, Lindsey and John Rupp.

 Sandy  Rupp My mother is a hero to me. She raised, and is raising, a successful family in times when it is difficult to do so. She is a shining example of an intelligent, loving, caring, funny and empathetic woman. Mom is a woman of extraordinary abilities that she does not fully recognize, even though those around her do. She has taught me the importance of family, and of the importance of children. She continues to teach by example ideals to live by, including the importance of God and the power of faith.

Now, in her newest role as a young grandmother to me and Lara's daughter, Hannah, she has found yet another outlet through which her wonderful soul shines. Sandy Rupp is a remarkable woman who daily touches the lives of many people, especially the lives of her family. Thanks, Mom! I love you!
By Paul Anthony Rupp

It was at The Wheel in the dynamics of a KU homecoming that I first met my future mother-in-law. There was nothing calm to such celebratory aesthetics, but there she stood like a thoroughbred, standing in a sun-lit field of brightly colored flowers. Her smile melted my heart, and won me over instantly. It was a moment that I will never forget, and a moment that lives with me years later. That infamous smile emitted the warmth, poise, grace and beauty that is a part of her true-blue essence. One cannot just sit and observe her grace, although she is truly beautiful to watch in movement and interaction with others. To watch is to be taken in. To undergo a spell, if you will, sent from Heaven.

You see, when I am with her I feel her faith, love and compassion. Her quiet strength, dignity and tenacity transcend all that I hold to be noble. Her sweet smile and gentle laugh makes me feel proud to know and to be touched by her truly blessed and nonjudgmental character. She forgives 70x7, and gives just the same. Irrevocably, my life has been blessed and changed by Sandy Rupp. I am eternally grateful to call her my hero, my mother-in-law, Hannah's grandmother, my friend.
By Lara Bergfalk Rupp

We don't profess to understand all of the dimensions of maternity, but we do know that Sandy Rupp is an icon of Motherhood. She radiates a fundamental decency, has infectious optimism, and is a stalwart support of her family. She upheld a keen determination to raise her five children in a religious home, and has chosen selflessness, almost to a fault, as an abiding principal incensed by love. Her hobby has always been her family. We submit that we could have no finer mother and role model for our own home and family, willfully integrating her basic tenets into our lives. Thanks for all who you are, and we love you very much.
By Seth Thomas and Megan Rupp

"I want to be spent when I die" is the motto of our mom, Sandy. At 42, after raising five children, she earned her Master's degree in Communications and began her career at the university level. She developed a passion for principal-centered leadership and her personal mission statement: "To celebrate people and their potential."

Our mom is a gourmet cook, with a reputation for pleasing palettes all across Kansas. She has impeccable taste, yet prefers the simplicity of life and the loved ones around her. She is spirited and charming. She is adored and admired by all that come into contact with her.
By Holly Rupp Flannagan
Through any kind of situation our mom manages to always uphold a happy spirit that spreads to those around her. Even through the most difficult or scary moments, her obvious generosity and optimism has proven to me that she is the bravest woman I have ever known.
By Lindsey Ann Rupp

Through all the good and bad times our mom has always been there. She has dedicated her life to instilling her values into her children to make us the best individuals we can be.
By John Patrick Rupp

Sandy Rupp embodies all that we hold heroic and special. As a daughter, a mother, a wife, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, an educator, a student, a survivor of breast cancer, a Christian, a cook, an employee, a leader, she gives her whole self and blessings to us all. We love you!

Submitted by your kids

September 17, 1998