The Heroines

Alfreda Jean Hughes

is honored with a Brick from Holly M. Woodburn.

 Alfreda Jean Hughes When I think of my Grandma Hughes, I think of Easter egg hunts in her little back yard with the playhouse. I remember chaotic Christmases with gift wrap strewn across the floor and birthdays, always remembered with a card and a smile. I think of her dressed in her favorite shade of blue. I smell roses and see bachelor buttons and am reminded of her flourishing garden. But the flowers in Grandma’s garden are not just for looking at or smelling. No, Grandma’s flowers are for the picking and she generously shares her flowers with those who appreciate them.

Grandma has always been an example for her family. Born in 1922 in Moran, Kansas, to Roy and Edith Martin, she grew up and married John Hughes. Grandma and Grandpa Hughes raised seven children with love and patience. All of that hard work has paid off, and her family has grown to include thirty-two grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

I write about Grandma as a heroine because she provides a model for her whole family. By living with and caring for her own mother, she set an example of love and self-sacrifice. Her reward will be tenfold in heaven! But what else has she taught by her loving example? Patience, selflessness, generosity, unconditional love even in times of trial, and enduring Faith all come to mind. She taught her children well how to "offer-it-up". It is not easy to emulate such a pillar of goodness and strength.

So now is our chance to say thanks for all that Grandma has done, and continues to do for us every day. Whether she is called Alfreda, Freda, Mom, Grandma Hughes, or Great Grandma, she is loved immensely. Thanks for everything! We love you!

Your Family

Written by Holly Woodburn

September 18, 1998 (for Alfreda Jean Hughes)