The Heroines

Levada Jane Smith Studer

is honored with a Brick from Liatris Studer, Kathy Sheneman, and David Studer.

Born on April 26, 1912 in Fairmont, KY, Levada Jane Smith-Studer was (in her own words) an ornery child who caused much trouble for her school-teacher mother. As a young woman she earned a BA degree from Center College, Kentucky, and became a lifelong member of P.E.O. and supporter of the American Association Of University Women. She met a Presbyterian seminary student, Stafford, which resulted in a marriage of 53 years and three surviving children: Liatris, Kathy and David.

Levada worked 20 years as a Social Worker for Lyon County and Kansas S.R.S. She firmly believed in diversity and equality for all people, and fought to secure economic, political, and basic human rights for women and ethnic minorities. She was very active in the League of Women Voters and served as an officer state-wide and locally in Emporia, KS. Levada passed away on June 10, 1993, but the values she believed in and the compassion she had for other human beings still lives on in her children and the lives of the people she touched and helped during her life.

Submitted by Liatris Studer, Kathy Sheneman, and David Studer

September 18, 1998