The Heroines

Mable H. McKee

is honored with a Brick from Marilyn and Tom Milligan.

It's a shame that every girl can't have a mother like mine, talented, brilliant, efficient and caring. I was exposed to a world that few can experience. A top business woman, she was given her first job by William Allen White in Emporia. In Wichita she was private secretary to Mr. Cardwell at Cardwell Manufacturing and became Secretary and Treasurer of the company. In a matter of time she became Vice-President of the Company. In 1958 the Company was sold and she became President of the Cardwell Investment Co.

Meanwhile I was in my own world of growing up and developing self-assurance, self-reliance and the ability to cope with whatever the need was. She was a good teacher and I responded. When her talents included art and handwork, I was led into the field of artistry by way of excellent pictures on the wall, beautiful and unusual paper weights, and beading that proved to be paintings of beautiful pictures with beads. Loving good music, she was a member of the Wichita Symphony Board and Wichita Chamber Choral.

Excelling in the culinary arts, she taught me the art of good cooking. Active in her church, she taught me the need of spiritual teaching and the value of faith in coping with life. With such a wide and varied world of interests, I grew to womanhood respecting her mind and abilities with the desire to equal her accomplishments.

It can be said that the person who influenced the life of Marilyn McKee Milligan more than anyone else was her mother, Mable H. McKee.

Submitted by Marilyn McKee Milligan

September 16, 1998