The Heroines

Mary J. Menton

is honored with a Brick from Pam Gustke.

 Mary J. Menton Photo: Mary Menton and husband Stanley Menton.

Born: October 27, 1902 in Alexandria, Indiana.
Died: January 11, 1973 in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

We will never forget her. She was many things: a devoted wife and mother; a world traveler who visited over 20 countries; a generous and loving grandmother.

After almost 45 years of marriage centered around a brilliant and exacting husband, she overcame what was to her a devastating loss to make a new life.

She made friends wherever she went. She was a wonderful example to her grandchildren, who thought all grandmothers were independent and well-traveled She opened the world to them. They are her legacy.

Husband: Stanley Bernard Menton.
Daughter: Pauline Antonia Menton Gustke.
Son: Norman Jean Menton.
Grandchildren: Pamela Gretchen Gustke Grossardt, Johanna Carolyn Gustke Hutmacher, Nancy Ellen Gustke Jewell, John Menton Gustke, and Mary Alice Menton Frank.

Tribute lovingly submitted by P.A.M. Gustke, Mary's daughter

November 3, 1998 (for Mary J. Menton)