The Heroines

Peggy Saunders

is honored with a Brick from Rod and Terri Driskell and family and Mark and Jeannine Saunders and family.

This is a tribute to the heroine in our lives, Peggy Saunders. Peggy is a Mother, a Grandmother, a Friend and a Woman who has been battling breast cancer for nearly a decade. Yet, Peggy doesn't appear to be involved in any sort of battle whatsoever. She is stunningly optimistic, and continues to hardily embrace each and everyday. Following are quotes from her children, Mark Saunders and Terri Driskell. They know the words that describe their brave and wonderful mother.

From Terri:

"She's an inspiration to others because of her strong sense of faith and positive attitude."

"She never lets cancer run her life; she lives her life as she wants."

"She sees her cancer as an inconvenience, not a 'death sentence.'"

"In spite of her physical struggles she remains a constant support to her family."

From Mark:

"Even when she feels less than perfect she always has a smile and an outreached hand to help someone."

"She effectively deals with her circumstances every single day. Better than I ever could."

"She has the courage and perseverance to continue to lead a full and productive life."

"She is willing to give unto others without putting herself first."

"She's the only person that I know that could die tomorrow and say I have no regrets about my life."

Though I won't quote all the others who adore her, her six grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews and countless others who are friends, fellow church members and fellow employees, there is one thing we can say collectively: We love her and we are truly blessed to have such an unassuming, loving, compassionate, and heroic woman like Peggy Saunders in our lives.

Submitted by Jeannine Saunders
April 22, 1999