The Heroines

Deanna L. Kowalski

is honored with a Brick from Rebecca Kowalski.

 Deanna L. Kowalski When I first heard about the Plaza of Heroines, I knew that it wouldn't be complete without my mother, Deanna Kowalski. There is not a person more deserving of this honor.

As a young woman, she put herself through nursing school. During this time, she met my father. After graduation, they got married and began to start a family. They had three children and have had numerous foster children. She is now in a charge nurse position in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where she has worked since 1981. She has always given 110% to her job. There is rarely a day where she doesn't go in early and come home late. She also very rarely takes days off. She loves her job and she impacts people daily, whether it be family members of patients or people that she works with.

Throughout my childhood, my mother always made sure that my two brothers and I had things, while she often went without. She very rarely bought things for herself. She always made sure that she was at all of our activities, despite anything else that was going on. She is the most selfless person I know.

My brothers and I have always had 100% support from our parents no matter what the situation. When I was 17 years old, I became pregnant. When my mom found out, she was disappointed but extremely supportive. I couldn't have made it through this time without her. She was with me every step of the way from prenatal visits to shopping for baby items to being my birthing coach.

Despite all the grief that I have caused my mom, especially through my teenage years, we are now closer than ever. She continues to be a role model for me, especially now that I'm in the mother role. She has encouraged me to go back to college, where I am slowly making it through. My father recently became unable to work. She has kept the family going financially, while my dad takes care of things around the house and helps me by taking care of my daughter while I work and go to school. They have already helped put my two brothers through college and mom is finally able to slow down and enjoy life a little more. Now that my daughter and I are back to living at my parents' house, they help to influence and raise her.

She is the best grandmother that my daughter could have, and we both love her with all of our hearts. A place in the Plaza of Heroines is the least that I could do for her, but it is a great way to let her know how important she is in my life.

Submitted by Rebecca Kowalski

November 2, 1998