The Heroines

Eloise Ann Hoffman Ray

is honored with a Brick from Douglas Chapman and Jennifer Chapman.

The following are just a few of the things that come to mind when we think of our wonderful mother, Eloise Ann Hoffman Ray.

Our mom taught us how to survive on our own. She made sure we knew some laundry, some cooking, some other survival skills so moving off to college wasn't as much of a shock.

She always encouraged us to do our best and helped us to make our accomplishments our own.

She is always amazed at how well we turned out. She thinks it is despite her, not because of her. She is wrong.

Even though we've been out of the house for years, she worries about us almost to the point where it makes her sick. When we're on the road traveling to and fro, she doesn't sleep well until she knows we've reached our destination.

She taught us to enjoy the simple pleasures in life because the big things may not happen that often.

She encourages us to live our own lives while still being interested, involved and supportive.

She taught us that the most important value we can have is to treat others with respect.

She cannot imagine ever moving away from her small town but always understood and supported us wherever we went.

She loves Christmas and finishes her shopping in June (if not earlier).

She still does not understand what e-mail is or why we find it so useful.

We have always been impressed at how she runs her own business with no help. It is funny to watch her-- even after nearly 20 years in business; when things are slow she always worries that they will never pick up again and when she is busy, she always worries that she will never get caught up again.

She helped us to see that "Anyone who loves cats must be a good person."

As hard as she tries, she just doesn't get Seinfeld and sometimes worries that she isn't "cool."

She can enjoy doing absolutely nothing more than anyone I have ever know, but she still always manages to keep busy.

No one ever had a better Mother. . . we've been blessed!

November 3, 1998